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IWA Mid-South Ted Petty Invitational 2006 (Night Two)

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IWA Mid South presents...

Ted Petty Invitational Night 2
September 30, 2006
From Midlothian, Illinois


Ted Petty Invitational Quarterfinal Matches

Non-Tournament Matches

  • Blackout (Eddie Kingston & Joker) & Ricochet defeated The Iron Saints (Sal, Brandon & Vito Thomaselli)
    • Ricochet pinned Brandon following a Twisting Moonsault Senton.
1)Colt threw Steen over the Top Rope, eliminating both of them
2) B-Boy threw Scorpio of the Top Rope with a Slingshot Throw
3) B-Boy threw Jigsaw over the Top Rope
4) Bosh hopped over the Top Rope, then B-Boy threw Lost over too
5) Cruz pinned B-Boy following The Cruz Control.

Ted Petty Invitational Semi-Final Matches

  • Arik Cannon defeated Claudio Castagnoli
    • Cannon wins following The Glimmering Warlock.
  • Roderick Strong defeated Chris Hero
    • Strong wins with a Backslide Rollup.
  • Low Ki defeated El Generico
    • Ki wins following The Ghetto Stomp.

Non-Tournament Matches

Ted Petty Invitational Final

  • In a 3 Way Elimination match: Low Ki defeated Arik Cannon and Roderick Strong to win the 2006 TPI!
    • Order of Eliminations:
1) Ki pinned Strong after Knocking Out Strong with a Toe Kick to the Face.
2) Ki forced Cannon to Pass Out in a Dragon Clutch.

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