Champion history

Wrestler: Times: Date: Event: Notes: Days Held:
Rob Daniels 1 March 5, 2016 IPW Unified Unified the IPW South Pacific Championship and the IPW Cruiserweight Championship 63
Bojack 1 May 7, 2016 IPW Shootout 182
Reaper June 4, 2016 Ladder Wars Reaper and Bojack each pulled down a Championship to end the match, Commissioner Jace the Ace did not hold up the Championship but announced that another Unification Match to determine who actually is the true Unified Champion would be announced for next month. Bojack won the rematch and reunified the championships 28
Rob Daniels 2 November 5, 2016 IPW Scramble For Glory Won the championship in a scramble match that also involved Youngblood Jesse Love and Zeke Cruiser 147
"Youngblood" Jesse Love 1 April 1, 2016 IPW Live and Let Die Won the championship in a triple threat match that also involved Zeke Cruiser 113+

Combined reigns

As of July 23, 2017.

+ Indicates the current champion
Rank Champion Reigns Days Held
1 Rob Daniels 2 210
2 Bojack 1 182
3 "Youngblood" Jesse Love 1 113+
4 Reaper - 28