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Title matches

Date Promotion Event Match Stipulation Winner Notes
September 23, 2007 IPW:UK 3rd Anniversary Weekend JC Thunder(c) vs Andy Simmonz Submission Andy Simmonz N/A
October 21, 2007 IPW:UK The Hull Debut Andy Simmonz(c) vs Jon Ryan N/A Andy Simmonz N/A
October 27, 2007 PWG European Vacation II Andy Simmonz(c) vs James Tighe N/A Andy Simmonz N/A
January 26, 2008 IPW:UK Mountbatten January Supershow Andy Simmonz(c) vs Mark Sloan N/A Andy Simmonz N/A
January 27, 2008 IPW:UK No Escape Andy Simmonz(c) vs Johnny Saint N/A Andy Simmonz Match length was 8:53
February 24, 2008 IPW:UK Flashback Andy Simmonz(c) vs Flash Barker N/A Andy Simmonz Match length was 14:38
March 15, 2008 IPW:UK IPW:UK Vs. The World Supershow Andy Simmonz(c) vs Jonny Storm vs Martin Stone Three Way Andy Simmonz N/A
March 16, 2008 IPW:UK The Last Orpington Stand Andy Simmonz(c) vs Martin Stone Last Man Standing Martin Stone Match length was 19:33
April 26, 2008 IPW:UK Buckland Encounter Martin Stone (c) vs Mark Haskins N/A Martin Stone N/A
May 4, 2008 IPW:UK Royale Rewards Martin Stone (c) vs Billi Lightning Match length was 16:16 Martin Stone N/A

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