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Event history

The following is a list of events featuring House Of Glory.

List of House of Glory events


No. Title Location Date
1HOG High IntensityRidgewood, New YorkMay 5
2FTW/HOG September SlamRidgewood, New YorkSeptember 29


No. Title Location Date
3FTW/HOG Winter WonderslamRidgewood, New YorkJanuary 19
4FTW/HOG The ShowdownRidgewood, New YorkApril 12
5HOG High Intensity IIRidgewood, New YorkJune 23
6HOG Glory Bring HonorBrooklyn, New YorkAugust 18
7HOG Fight For GoldRidgewood, New YorkNovember 15


No. Title Location Date
8HOG Revenge Is PhenomenalQueens, New YorkFebruary 15
9HOG High Intensity IIIRidgewood, New YorkMay 16
10HOG UprisingQueens, New YorkJune 28
11HOG Quest For GloryRidgewood, New YorkAugust 16
12HOG The MovementRidgewood, New YorkSeptember 19
13HOG Fight Or FlightJamaica, New YorkNovember 1
14HOG Phenomenal ShowdownJamaica, New YorkDecember 19


No. Title Location Date
15 HOG For All Mankind 2015 Jamaica, New York February 27
16 HOG Student Showcase 2015 Elmhurst, New York April 24
17 HOG High Intensity 4 2015 Jamaica, New York May 29
18 HOG Fight For New York 2015 Elmhurst, New York July 10
19 HOG At Last 2015 Jamaica, New York June 8
20 HOG The Purge 2015 Jamaica, New York October 23
21 HOG Civil War 2015 Jamaica, New York December 11


No. Title Location Date
22 HOG Chapter 1 2016 Elmhurst, New York February 27
23 HOG Stronger Than Ever 2016 Elmhurst, New York April 9
24 HOG Unfinished Business 2016 Jamaica, New York May 6
25 Beyond/HOG 2016 Jamaica, New York May 17
26 HOG High Intensity 5 2016 Jamaica, New York August 19, 2016

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