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The Honda Center, previously known as the Arrowhead Pond of Anaheim and colloquially called The Pond or The Ponda, is an indoor arena in Anaheim, California. The arena is home to the National Hockey League's Anaheim Ducks and was home of the former National Lacrosse League's Anaheim Storm, which folded in 2005. Originally named the Anaheim Arena, it was completed in 1993 at a cost of $123 million. Arrowhead Water paid $15 million for the naming rights over 10 years in October 1993. In the short period of time between the enfranchisement of the Mighty Ducks and the naming rights deal with Arrowhead, Disney referred to the Arena as the Pond of Anaheim. Honda in October 2006 acquired the naming rights for $60 million over 15 years.


Date Event Attendance
March 31, 1996 WrestleMania XII 18,853
January 24, 1999 Royal Rumble 1999 14,816
April 2, 2000 WrestleMania 2000 18,034

Television Programs

Date Event Attendance
July 27, 1998RAW is WAR12,019
August 1, 1998Shotgun Saturday Night12,019
August 2, 1998Heat18,000
January 24, 1999Heat
September 13, 1999RAW is WAR11,186
September 19, 1999Jakked11,186
December 2, 1999SmackDown12,344
December 5, 1999Heat
October 9, 2000RAW is WAR
October 14, 2000Jakked
March 15, 2001SmackDown12,073
March 18, 2001Heat12,073
May 24, 2001SmackDown
May 27, 2001Heat
August 6, 2001RAW is WAR10,355
August 11, 2001Jakked10,355
December 10, 2001RAW
December 15, 2001Jakked
September 23, 2002RAW
September 29, 2002Heat
June 5, 2003SmackDown
June 7, 2003Velocity
December 8, 2003RAW
August 23, 2004RAW
August 29, 2004Heat
June 27, 2005RAW
June 30, 2005SmackDown
October 31, 2005RAW6,500
November 6, 2005Heat6,500
May 8, 2006RAW15,290
May 12, 2006Heat
February 18, 2008RAW
February 24, 2008Heat
October 13, 2008RAW8,500
February 14, 2011RAW
January 16, 2012RAW10,000
August 19, 2013RAW
August 23, 2013Superstars
August 25, 2014RAW
August 28, 2014Superstars
February 15, 2016RAW11,900
February 18, 2016Superstars
August 8, 2016RAW
August 11, 2016Superstars
February 14, 2017SmackDown

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