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Hasbro Inc. (formerly Hassenfeld Brothers) is an American multinational toy and board game company. It is one of the largest toy makers in the world. The corporate headquarters is located in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. The majority of its products are manufactured in East Asia.

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WWF Hasbro
WWF Hasbro 1990

AkeemAndré the GiantAxBig BossmanBrutus BeefcakeHulk HoganJake RobertsMacho ManOne Man GangRick RudeSmashTed DiBiaseUltimate Warrior

WWF Hasbro 1991

Big Boss ManDusty RhodesGreg ValentineHonky Tonk ManHulk HoganJim DugganJimmy SnukaMacho ManRoddy PiperTed DiBiaseThe RockersUltimate WarriorWarlord

WWF Hasbro 1992

BerzerkerBig BossmanBret HartBret Hart (Purple Heart)British BulldogBrutus BeefcakeBushwhackersButchEarthquakeGreg ValentineHulk HoganKamalaKim CheeKoko B. WareLegion of DoomLukeMacho ManMarty JannettyMr PerfectNasty BoysRazor RamonRepo ManRic FlairRicky SteamboatRoddy PiperSgt SlaughterTexas TornadoThe UndertakerTyphoonUltimate Warrior

WWF Hasbro 1993

Bam Bam BigelowCrushDoinkEl MatadorGiant GonzalesHulk HoganIRSJim NeidhartNailzOwen HartPapa ShangoRazor RamonRepo ManRick SteinerScott SteinerShawn MichaelsSid JusticeSkinnerTatankaTed DiBiaseThe ModelThe MountieThe WarlordVirgilYokozuna

WWF Hasbro 1994

1-2-3 KidAdam BombBart GunnBilly GunnFatuJim DugganLex LugerLudvig BorgaMr PerfectRazor Ramon (Red tights)SamuShawn MichaelsTatankaTed DiBiaseUndertakerYokozuna

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