The House Of Glory (HOG) World Championship is a professional wrestling world championship in House Of Glory. The main plate reads "World HOG Heavyweight Champion." There is also a globe in the middle. The side plates are crosses that read "God and Glory."


Ricochet defeated Drew Gulak in the finals of the HOG Heavyweight Title Tournament to become the first ever HOG World Champion. 125 days later, Brian XL defeats Ricochet to win the HOG World Championship. Brian XL is currently the longest reigning HOG World champion, holding the title for a total of 245 days. At House Of Glory's August event, HOG At Last 2015, Smiley defeats Brian XL to win the championship. Smiley manages to hold the championship for 232 days until Ethan Carter III defeats him to win the title at House Of Glory's April event, HOG Stronger Than Ever 2016.

Title History

Champion(s) Defeated Date Won Location
Ricochet Drew Gulak August 16, 2014 Ridgewood, New York
Brian XL Ricochet December 19, 2014 Ridgewood, New York
Smiley Brian XL August 21, 2015 Jamaica, New York
Ethan Carter III Smiley April 9, 2016 Elmhurst, New York
Anthony Gangone Ethan Carter III September 24, 2016 New York City, New York

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