Grim is an American Indy wrestler, comedian, and filmmaker. He is known for his aggressive language when wrestling. He is a known backyarder, and sometimes gets booked for indie promotions like Create A Pro Wrestling Academy and Superstar Wrestling Federation.


Grim is a popular youtuber, with over 400,000 subscribers. He makes videos about WWE figures and his "rancid" predictions about WWE events. In many of his in real life videos, he features people like Duhop, The Ninja Twins, Jimmy Controversy, Jamie The Mailman, Max Frost, Stan The Man, DGDX Animations, PITA Kid and many more.

Degeneration Fat (2014-present)

Sometime in late 2014, Grim and his best friend Duhop created a team called Degeneration Fat or DF for short. This was an obvious rip-off of Degeneration X. Over the years, there have been many members, some of which are still part of DF.

Feud with Brian Myers (2015-2016)

On one of Grim's YouTube videos in 2015, he announced that his "new friend" will be in some of his videos. His new friend turned out to be Brian Myers. In late 2015, Grim got in a long feud with "MJ Appleballs", who is a person with a high-pitched voice, wearing a Deadpool onesie and attacking Grim and his friends. Grim finally unmasked Appleballs, only to find out it was Brian Myers the whole time. Myers tried to tell Grim that someone payed him to do it, but Grim would not believe him. Myers then beat down on Grim and left him. For months Grim has fought with Brian Myers in the ring and out.

Championships & Accomplishments

In Wrestling

  • Finishers
    • The Dis-Grim-inator (Swinging Sidewalk Slam)
    • Subscriber's Splash (Running Splash with theatrics)
    • Signature Moves
    • Double Chin Music (Superkick with theatrics) (parodied from Shawn Michaels)
    • Grim Ending (Full-Nelson Slam)
    • Multiple punches, sometimes followed by a spinning punch
    • Obese Mode! (Stinger Splash with theatrics)
    • Sharpshooter (Used rarely)
    • Powerbomb
    • Razor's Edge (Falling Crucifix Powerbomb) (Adopted from Scott Hall)
    • Camel Clutch/The Accolade (Used rarely)
    • Applejuice Adjustment (Fireman's Carry Takeover) (Parodied from John Cena)
    • Rock Bottom (Falling side slam) (Parodied from The Rock)
    • DDT
    • Shoulder Block
    • Hassan Chop! (Corner knife edged chop while saying WOOO!) (Parodied from Ric Flair)
  • Tag Teams & Stables
  • Entrance themes
    • "Engine Fire" by Silent Partner