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The Global Professional Wrestling Alliance (GPWA) is a group of professional wrestling promotions and wrestlers from around the world who have come together to cooperate. Formed in 2006, the group is led by chairman Mitsuharu Misawa, a professional wrestler and owner of Pro Wrestling NOAH, and president Yoshiyuki Nakamura, co-owner of Pro Wrestling ZERO1.



Promotion Representative Country
Big Mouth Loud Kazunari Murakami Japan
Dramatic Dream Team Sanshigo Takagi Japan
El Dorado Wrestling Noriaki Kawabata Japan
European Wrestling Association Chris Raaber Austria
IWA Japan Tatskuni Asano Japan
Kaientai Dojo TAKA Michinoku Japan
Kensuke Office Hisako Sasaki Japan
Pro Wrestling NOAH Mitsuharu Misawa Japan
Pro Wrestling ZERO1 Shinjiro Otani Japan
Ring of Honor Cary Silkin United States
World League Wrestling Harley Race United States

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