Garm Stoylen is a Norwegian professional wrestler. He is best known for his work and appearances exclusively on the European and Norwegian circuits. Stoylen's career highlights are best associated with the Norwegian Wrestling Federation where is the reigning NWF Heavyweight Champion and a former NWF Tag Team Champion.

Career History

Stoylen made his debut in 2001 after training with fellow Norwegian wrestling experts Asbjorn Riis and Erik Isaksen. Stoylen would go to embark on a successful wrestling career in the Norwegian and European circuits.

Norwegian Wrestling Federation

Stoylen's career in the NWF has been crowned with notable achievements beginning with his first-ever reign as a dual-title holder, winning the NWF Heavyweight Championship and NWF Tag Team Championship in the same year at the same time.

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Garm is widely regarded as the most devious, amoral and brutal man in the NWF. Yet there is something about him that draws people to him — like moths to the light — for he shows himself rarely alone. Already in the NWFs early days he gathered his so called "Jarl" about them, and he has throughout the year had various allies around him in the changing roles based on debt, services and agreements.

2012 was the year Støylen took the definitive step up in the top layer in the Norwegian wrestling. The year began with the fact that he and "the hammer" hijacked the national trophy in tag wrestling, and in November, won the Garm the Norwegian championship belt from Grom Gravalid-one of only three wrestlers who have held both titles, and the first that held both at the same time.

Unconventional tactics, cunning psychological games and outright illegal methods are the shiniest weapons in the Garm's arsenal. Is anyone safe from the man who for years called himself the uncrowned king of the Norwegian wrestling, and now has taken the Crown by force.

In the NWF, Stoylen well-established himself as a heel-wrestler.

Wrestling Facts

  • Signature moves
  • Nidhogg (Hangman Lariat)
  • Angel-maker (Chokeslam)
  • Tyrs path (Triple suplex)

Championships and accomplishments

  • NWF Heavyweight Championship (current)
  • NWF Tag Team Championship

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