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GPW Tag Team Trophy

Wrestler Times Date Place / Type Of Match / Event
Project Ego (Kris Travis & Scotty Hexx) 1 18 March 2006 The Monaco Ballrom, Wigan / 4-way vs. Kev n Krev vs. Damage Control vs. WKD / GPW: "Hold Tight"
WKD (Matty "D'Lyrium" Taylor & "Super" Sam Bailey) 1 16 February 2007 The Monaco Ballroom, Wigan / Tag Team Gauntlet Match vs. Project Ego vs. Mil-Anfield Connection vs. The Holmes Bros. / GPW: "Let Loose"
Mil-Anfield Connection ("The Model" Danny Hope & Jiggy Walker) 1 20 July 2007 The Monaco Ballroom, Wigan / vs. WKD / GPW: "Collision Course"
The Young Offenders ("Dangerous" Damon Leigh & Joey Hayes) 1 16 January 2009 The Monaco Ballroom, Wigan / 2/3 Falls Match vs. The Mil-Anfield Connection
Paradise Lost (Heresy & Kastor LaVey) 1 17 July 2009 The Monaco Ballroom, Wigan/ vs. The Young Offenders / GPW: Heatwave