Episode 1 (production code GLOW001) was an episode of the syndicated Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling show. This was the pilot episode for the series, taped at the Riviera Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada on December 5, 1985 and aired on September 13, 1986.



  • Sara & Mabel, a masked heel tag team with a backwoods redneck gimmick, were played under the masks by Ashley Cartier and Royal Hawaiian in this episode
  • California Doll, a regular on GLOW during the show's first two seasons, was not played in the pilot by that role's regular portrayer, Jane Hamlin, but instead by Lynda Aldon. Many people mistakenly believe it was Sheila Best, who later competed as Tara the Southern Belle during the first two seasons. But in fact Lynda Aldon was an 1980s fitness model who appeared in a few B-movies. This is the only episode of GLOW in which Lynda wrestles.
  • This episode was featured as the first of three video tapes commercially released on VHS in the early-1990s by Today Home Entertainment. The pilot differs as seen on tape[6] from the broadcast version in several areas:
    • The Cheerleaders vs. Heavy Metal match is eliminated from the tape
    • All wrestler raps seen in the broadcast version are removed from the tape
    • Additional interview footage is added for the tape, including an interview clip where Hollywood uses the "F-word" twice within three seconds (which was not seen on TV)
    • In the Salt & Pepper vs. Sara & Mabel bout on the tape, Mabel uses racial slurs toward Salt and Pepper prior to the start of the match; this brief scene did not air in the broadcast version
  • The broadcast version of this episode is the only episode to feature Ashley Cartier performing a rap; that rap is left off of the tape as sold in stores, and Cartier does not rap on any other episode
  • This episode marks the only appearance of Salt & Pepper in GLOW. Pepper, who was also a trainer for GLOW, debuted in 1968 and wrestled internationally as Princess Jasmine prior to joining GLOW
  • Frank D'Amato, the senior referee for GLOW during its first season, was married in real life to Tammy Jones


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