French Toast
French Toast
French Toast
Type E.U. breakfast Hero
Height One Eiffel Tower
Weight Two thousand tons of rage
Enemies American Beetle
Steam-Powered Tentacle Boulder
First appearance
Created by A panel of Paris' finest chefs
Portrayed by:

It was reported that Steam-Powered Tentacle Boulder (SPTB) had been declared the new protector of Colorado, after incoming Governor Bob Ritter requested special protection from unnamed culinary countries frozen out of his inauguration buffet. Today the source of the Gov's anxiety has been revealed. At a luncheon news conference Wednesday afternoon, a panel of Paris' finest chefs announced over crepes that they were personally offended by Ritter's snub. The chefs went on to announce that they would be sending E.U. breakfast Hero French Toast to deliver a special message to the people of Colorado.

French Toast No Show

Much to the disappointment of everybody in the world (yes, everybody), the highly anticipated fighto between Steam Powered Tentacle Boulder and French Toast never materialized at the recent Pilot Battel. Speculation ran wild on the interweb as to why the scheduled Battel failed to happen. After countless long-distance international calls, KRC investigators reported that French Toast had to back out of his debut at the last minute for "undefined logistical reasons." Pro-French Toast supporters have claimed that a last minute Concorde flight cancellation was to blame, but other are skeptical. Many Kaiju analysts speculate that French Toast was simply afraid to enter the Big Battel, because he knew that Steam Powered Tentacle Boulder would roll him into an American-made pancake.