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Fire Pro Wrestling is a long-running professional wrestling video game series originated from Japan, started in 1989 by Human Entertainment and recently continued by Spike Co. Ltd.


Beginning with Fire Pro Wrestling Combination Tag in 1989, the Fire Pro Wrestling series became popular in Japan, but did not see an international release until after Spike took over the franchise; Fire Pro Wrestling A was released internationally as Fire Pro Wrestling in 2001.

The series distinguishes itself from other wrestling games by focusing on timing and complex strategy as opposed to the button-mashing tactics with which most 2D wrestling gamers are familiar. It become popular with importers, and at least one game, Super Fire Pro Wrestling X Premium, received an unofficial fan translation with "Fire Pro Returns" having one in the works as well.

The series also introduced female wrestlers long before they appeared in North American games, totaling three games with women's wrestling only.

While North American games all made their passage to 3D polygonal models as 32-bit consoles arrived, Fire Pro Wrestling still relies on 2D sprites for the characters in the ring. Spike also has another wrestling game series in full 3D, King of Colosseum.

Human also released a wrestling game outside the Fire Pro series in 1989 for Game Boy. Titled Pro Wrestling in its native Japan, it was released internationally as HAL Wrestling.


As there was no official English title in most cases, a close translation is given.

English title System Release
Fire Pro Wrestling Combination Tag PC Engine 1989
Fire Pro Wrestling 2nd Bout PC Engine 1991
Super Fire Pro Wrestling Super Famicom 1991
Fire Pro Wrestling Gaiden Sega Mega Drive 1992
Fire Pro Wrestling 3 Legend Bout PC Engine 1992
Super Fire Pro Wrestling 2 Super Famicom 1992
Super Fire Pro Wrestling 3 Final Bout Super Famicom 1993
Fire Pro Wrestling Woman All Star Dream Super Famicom 1994
Super Fire Pro Wrestling Special Super Famicom 1994
Fire Pro Gaiden: Blazing Tornado Arcade 1994
Fire Pro Gaiden: Blazing Tornado Sega Saturn 1995
Fire Pro Wrestling Great War: All Star Dream Women vs JWP Super Famicom 1995
Super Fire Pro Wrestling Queen's Special Super Famicom 1995
Super Fire Pro Wrestling X Super Famicom 1995
Super Fire Pro Wrestling X Premium Super Famicom 1996
Fire Pro Wrestling Iron Ring '96 PlayStation 1996
Fire Prowrestling S Six Men Scramble Sega Saturn 1996
Fire Pro Wrestling G PlayStation 1999
Fire Pro Wrestling D Sega Dreamcast 2001
Fire Pro Wrestling Game Boy Advance 2001
Fire Pro Wrestling I Mobile phone 2001
Fire Pro Wrestling 2 Game Boy Advance 2002
Fire Pro Wrestling J Mobile phone 2002
Fire Pro Wrestling Z PlayStation 2 2003
Fire Pro Wrestling Returns PlayStation 2 2005

There was also a card game called Fire Pro Wrestling Card Bout

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