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A Fight Without Honor is a match used by Ring of Honor. The match is often used to end feuds, with the rules being the participants do not have to adhere to the Code of Honor, there are no countouts or disqualifications, and there must be a winner. Though most Fight Without Honor matches are violent, due to the use of various weapons, the first Fight Without Honor (Low Ki vs. Samoa Joe) was mainly a regular match, except they did not have to shake hands.

Match history

No. Match Event
I Low Ki defeated Samoa Joe Glory by Honor
II The Carnage Crew(HC Loc, Tony DeVito & Masada) defeated the Texas Wrestling Academy (Don Juan, Fast Eddie & Hotstuff Hernandez) Retribution: Round Robin Challenge II
III Trent Acid defeated Homicide Wrestlerave 2003
IV Homicide defeated Trent Acid Beating the Odds
V John Walters defeated Xavier Final Battle 2003
VI Dan Maff & BJ Whitmer defeated The Carnage Crew(HC Loc & Tony DeVito) Final Battle 2004
VII Low Ki defeated Jay Lethal Glory by Honor IV
VIII Jay Lethal defeated Low Ki Glory by Honor IV
IX Homicide defeated Steve Corino The Bitter End
X Nigel McGuinness defeated Jimmy Rave Fifth Year Festival: Finale
XI Delirious defeated Roderick Strong Live in Tokyo
XII Roderick Strong defeated Erick Stevens Respect is Earned II
XIII Bryan Danielson defeated Takeshi Morishima Final Battle 2008
XIV Delirious defeated Jimmy Jacobs ROH on HDNet taping No. 5


Eddie Kingston defeated Chris Hero Final Battle 2009


El Generico defeated Kevin Steen Final Battle 2010


  • Low Ki and Homicide have wrestled in Fight Without Honor three times. More times than any other wrestler in ROH.
  • Fight Without Honor has appeared in the Final Battle show four times (in 2003, 2004, 2008 and 2009). More times than any other annual ROH show.
  • Fight Without Honor featured at Glory by Honor IV twice with Low Ki defeating Jay Lethal and Jay Lethal defeating Low Ki later on in the show.

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