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Event history

The following is a collection of events that Felony has participated in.


Date Event Match Match type Title
January 25 LCW Roses: Roses Rumble Pollyanna Peppers defeats Felony Singles -
January 25 LCW Roses: Roses Rumble Nikki Storm defeats Addy Starr and Carmel Jacob and Erin Angel and Faith Lehaine and Felony and Jenna and Kay Lee Ray and Nadia Sapphire and Pollyanna Peppers and Rhia O'Reilly and Sakura Lily and Shauna Shay and Violet Vendetta and Viper Royal Rumble -
March 1 LCW Roses: War Of The Roses Felony defeats Freya Frenzy and Kirsty Love Three Way -
May 10 LCW Roses: Mayday. Jenna defeats Nadia Sapphire, Felony & Kirsty Love Lucha Rules Four-Way Elimination -

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