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FedExForum is an arena located in downtown Memphis, Tennessee. It is the home of the Memphis Grizzlies of the NBA and the NCAA Division I men's basketball program of the University of Memphis, both of whom previously played home games at the Pyramid Arena. The arena officially opened in September 2004 after much debate and also an Alberta clipper wind storm on July 22, 2003, that nearly brought down the cranes that were building it near the famed Beale Street. It was built at a cost of $250 million and is owned by the City of Memphis; naming rights were purchased by one of Memphis' most well-known businesses, FedEx, for $92 million. FedExForum was financed using $250 million of public bonds, which were issued by the Memphis Public Building Authority (PBA). The venue also has the capability of hosting ice hockey games, concerts, and family shows. In 2011, Tony Allen referred to the FedExForum as "The Grindhouse." The nickname is gaining approval from the Memphis fan base.

FedExForum has also hosted two major professional wrestling events: World Wrestling Entertainment's Unforgiven on September 16, 2007 and the PMG Clash of Legends independent show on April 27 of that year. The main event on the latter card was Hulk Hogan versus Paul Wight.


Date Event Attendance
September 16, 2007Unforgiven12,000
February 22, 2015Fastlane13,263

Television Programs

Date Event
March 24, 2005SmackDown
March 26, 2005Velocity
March 20, 2006RAW
March 24, 2006SmackDown
August 7, 2006RAW
August 11, 2006Heat
September 15, 2008RAW
June 2, 2009ECW
June 5, 2009SmackDown
February 2, 2010ECW
February 4, 2010Superstars
February 5, 2010Smackdown
January 2, 2012RAW
October 17, 2012Main Event
October 19, 2012SmackDown
November 10, 2012Saturday Morning Slam
October 21, 2013RAW
October 25, 2013Superstars
March 10, 2014RAW
March 14, 2014Superstars
September 22, 2014RAW
September 25, 2014Superstars
September 14, 2015RAW
September 17, 2015Superstars
February 2, 2016Main Event
February 4, 2016SmackDown
September 19, 2016RAW
September 22, 2016Superstars
January 17, 2017SmackDown

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