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February 7, 1987 WWF Superstars of Wrestling

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The February 7, 1987 Edition of WWF Superstars of Wrestling is a Professional wrestling television show of World Wrestling Federation, which took place on January 26, 1987 at the SunDome in Tampa, Florida.


)Numbers in parentheses indicate the length of the match.
(c) refers to the champion(s) heading into the match.

Other happenings

  • "Piper’s Pit," with Jesse "the Body" Ventura, André the Giant and Hulk Hogan as guests. Hogan comes out first and then, to everyone's shock except (apparently) Ventura's, André comes out with Bobby Heenan. Hogan is stunned and asks André why Heenan is with him, to which Heenan berates Hogan, suggesting that he formed a fake friendship with André so that he could duck having to defend the WWF World Heavyweight Championship against him and that André was hurt that he got a smaller trophy than Hogan did for what he considered a greater accomplishment (15 years without a pinfall loss). Hogan begs André to reconsider and come to his senses, but this is no bluff: André tells Hogan to look into his eyes before telling him he is challenging him for the WWF World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania III. Hogan is still stunned and begs off, but Heenan says, "You don't believe that, Hogan? Maybe you'll believe this!" which is the cue for Andre to rip Hogan's shirt and crucifix necklace off. André, Heenan and Ventura walk off, and a stunned Hogan still is trying to make sense of things. Piper tells Hogan he's bleeding (legitimately so, as André had inadvertently scratched Hogan's chest with his fingernail) and walks him off the set.

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