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The FTW Inferno Championship is the mid-card championship in Full Throttle Wrestling. The first Inferno champion was named on June 7, 2008 at FTW Death Wish. A division for heavier set wrestlers honing their skills before making it to the World Title ranks. The Inferno wrestlers are known more for their powerful, technical style since they aren't known to fly like the Shockwavers, but are still just as competitive. The Inferno Championship serves as a U.S. or Intercontinental Championship equivalent.

Championship History

As of July 24, 2017.
Wrestler Date Won Date Lost
Brandon Banks June 7, 2008 October 1, 2008
Joseph Rios October 1, 2008 December 31, 2008
Cam Yotch December 31, 2008  ????
Clawdya Pride December 31, 2010 April 07, 2010
Clay Forte April 21, 2010 April 30, 2010
Lynch May 06, 2010 July 28, 2010
James Magnum July 28, 2010 August 19, 2010
Lynch August 19, 2010 December 31, 2010
Bucky Skyler December 31, 2010 (1) February 2, 2011
Aurelia Zombie February 2, 2011 Current Champion

Title Facts

  • 1.) Lynch wins the World title in turn he forfeits the Inferno title. Skyler wins the Interim title the same night at Divine Destiny. Due to the rules Bucky is declared the new Inferno champ.

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