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FMW Independent World Heavyweight Championship was a professional wrestling championship in Frontier Martial-Arts Wrestling. The championship was retired in August 1999.

Title History

Wrestler: Reigns: Date: Place: Notes:
W*ING Kanemura 1 August 1, 1996 Tokyo Defeated Masato Tanaka in a tournament final.
The Gladiator 1 December 11, 1996 Tokyo Unified with the FMW Brass Knuckles Heavyweight Championship.
Masato Tanaka 1 September 28, 1997 Kawasaki
Mr. Gannosuke 1 January 6, 1998 Tokyo
Hayabusa 1 April 30, 1998 Yokohama
Kodo Fuyuki 1 November 20, 1998 Yokohama
Title vacant Title vacated due to injury.
Mr. Gannosuke 2 May 18, 1999 Tokyo Awarded the title by FMW Commissioner Kodo Fuyuki.
Masato Tanaka 2 August 20, 1999 Tokyo
Title retired August 25, 1999

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