ER 2015 Ambrose v Harper

At Extreme Rules, Dean Ambrose will go head-to-head with Luke Harper in a Chicago Street Fight. At the end of the day, the question really isn’t really who will win, but how much of the Windy City will still be standing once they are through.

The all-out turmoil between these two tough-as-nails competitors began at WrestleMania when, during the high-stakes Intercontinental Title Ladder Match, Harper powerbombed The Lunatic Fringe over the top rope and onto unforgiving steel rungs — essentially taking him out of the contest. Then four days later on SmackDown, Harper’s catastrophic one-on-one showdown against Ambrose again met a premature end, when Harper hurled his unhinged adversary through the announce table.

Someone who never met Ambrose might suggest that he should leave well enough alone. But that individual just doesn’t understand Dean Ambrose. As Byron Saxton appropriately categorized him, the gutsy Superstar’s mind is a nothing short of a “cocoon of chaos.” Completely fearless and as tough and unpredictable as they come, Ambrose is an athlete custom-made for a Street Fight, where there are no rules and everything in reach is in play.

Then again, if there were a competitor molded specifically to face the former United States Champion in such a contest, Luke Harper would be it. Completely off his rocker, the bearded Superstar seems to feed off the anguish of his opponent and would be happy to watch everything burn.

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