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This is a list of wrestlers who wrestle or have wrestled in Extreme Canadian Championship Wrestling.


Male Wrestlers

Ring name Real Name Notes
Abbadon TBA N/A
Adam Fedyk TBA N/A
Angel 'Hardcore Homo" TBA N/A
Artemis Spencer TBA N/A
Azeem The Dream TBA N/A
Billy Suede TBA N/A
Callos TBA N/A
CJ Strongheart TBA N/A
Cole Bishop TBA N/A
Collin Cutler TBA N/A
Cremator TBA N/A
Danni Deeds TBA N/A
The Divine Prophet TBA N/A
Dropkick Murphy TBA N/A
El Phantasmo TBA N/A
Fast Freddy Funk TBA N/A
Gurv Sihra TBA N/A
Harv Sihra TBA N/A
Jamie Diaz TBA N/A
Johnny Obsession TBA N/A
Junior TBA N/A
Kenny Lush TBA N/A
Kyle O'Reilly TBA N/A
Lumberjack Bubba TBA N/A
Marty Sugar TBA N/A
Memphis TBA N/A
Mike Dempsey TBA N/A
Mikey D TBA N/A
Moondog Manson TBA N/A
Nelson Creed TBA N/A
Prince Aladdin TBA N/A
Ray Brooks TBA N/A
Rick The Weapon X TBA N/A
Scotty Mac TBA N/A
Sid Sylum TBA N/A
Todd Quality TBA N/A
Tony Baroni TBA N/A
Tony Tisoy TBA N/A


Ring name Real Name Notes
Enid Urkhart TBA N/A
KC Spinelli TBA N/A
Nicole Matthews TBA N/A
Penni Lane TBA N/A
Tenille Tayla TBA N/A
Veronika Vice TBA N/A

Tag Team

Team name Members Notes
N/A Nelson Creed and Kenny Lush N/A
Chill Town Scotty Mac, Sid Sylum, Nicole Matthews, Azeem The Dream and Dropkick Murphy N/A
The Church of the Divine Prophecy Matt Classic, The Divine Prophet, Mike Dempsey and MANTHER N/A
The Kelownafornians Collin Cutler & Adam Fedyk N/A
Los Bon Jovis N/A
Pop Culture Ice and Cole Bishop N/A
The Sihra Brothers Gurv and Harv Sihra N/A
Untouchable Quality Jamie Diaz and Todd Quality N/A


Ring name Real Name Notes
The Natural TBA N/A
Verne Siebert TBA N/A

Referees & Personnel

Name Position Notes
Mike Sweetser NWA Representative and Head Referee N/A
Drew Savage Ring Announcer N/A
Patrick McClorey Ring Announcer N/A
Bill Coltrane Referee N/A
Robert Mitchell Referee N/A
Mike Edwards Referee N/A
Beautiful Bruce Referee N/A

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