Explosive Pro Wrestling is an Australian wrestling promotion based in Perth, Western Australia. The organization states it provides a unique interactive experience for the whole family. Originally known as Explosive Coastal Wrestling, EPW was a backyard promotion before receiving formal training assistance to graduate to a full wrestling promotion.

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Explosive Pro Wrestling events
RedemptionEvolution 2002Collision CourseHell Or High WaterRetributionRe-Awakening
The Mark Has Been MadeThe UprisingEvil IntentionsEvolution 2003 Part 1Evolution 2003 Part 2Hell Or High Water 2003House Show 1House Show 2Inner TurmoilOut Of ControlHouse Show 3Re-Awakening 2003
Black FridayAnimosityHouse Show 6Evolution 2004 Part 1Evolution 2004 Part 2Hell Or High Water 2004Collision Course 2004VendettaOut Of The AshesAdelaide
Survival Of The FittestPlaying For KeepsFlame Or FortuneEvolution 2005 Part 1Evolution 2005 Part 2Hell Or High Water 2005Cause For ConcernDirty Deeds
Rosemount Rumble 2Settling The ScoreStand & DeliverSudden ImpactEvolution 2006 Part 1Evolution 2006 Part 2Hell Or High Water 2006High Stakes 2006Boiling PointRe-Awakening V
Hot Summers NightDate With DestinyAll For OneEvolution 2007 Part 1Evolution 2007 Part 2Winter Warfare(It's Not Summer) SlamDesperate Measures9/28Blaze Of GloryRe-Awakening VI
Roadshow IGoldrushRoadshow IIRise Or FallEvolution 2008 Part 1Evolution 2008 Part 2Roadshow IIIHell Or High Water 2008Perth Hell Or High Water 2008Perth Queens Park RumblePerth Road To GloryPerth Re-Awakening VIIPerth Kristmas Kaos
Perth Great Aussie BashPerth AftershockPerth Goldrush 2Battle For SupremacyPerth Beachside BrawlPerth Revolution - Night 1Perth Revolution - Night 2Perth Hell Or High Water 2009Perth Breaking PointPerth (8/29)Perth WA vs. VICPerth Charity BashPerth (10/5)Perth (10/6)Perth (10/8) Perth (10/9)Perth (10/10)Perth Re-Awakening 8Perth Kristmas Kaos 2
Perth (1/16)Perth Rise Or Fall 2010Perth Beachside BlastPerth (4/15)Perth (4/16)Perth Goldrush 3Perth At The Malaga MarketPerth Evolution 2010 Part 1Perth Evolution 2010 Part 2Perth Hell Or Highwater 2010Telethon BashPerth Road To Glory 2Perth The Royal ShowPerth Re-Awakening 9
Perth (1/8)Perth Midday MayhemPerth Evolution 2011Perth (5/28)Perth (6/12)Perth House Show 30Perth Hell or Highwater 2011Perth Telethon Bash 3
Origin 2012Goldrush 2012Collision Course 20126/30Hell or Highwater 2012At The Malaga MarketsHouse Show (8/30)Vendetta 2012State of Origin - Wa Vs. VicRe-Awakening XI
ZERO1 Australia Interstate Warfare SA Vs. WAHot Summer's Night 2013Collision Course 20133/2Members House Show (3/8)Rise Or Fall 2013Members House Show (4/5)Goldrush 2013Members House Show (5/3)Evolution 2013Members House Show (5/24)Hell Or Highwater 2013Members House Show (6/21)Vendetta 2013Members House Show (7/19)State of Origin 2013Members House Show (8/16)Collision Course 2013Members House Show (9/27)Road To Glory 2013