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The European Greco-Roman Heavyweight Championship was a Greco-Roman professional wrestling championship contested for throughout the continent of Europe. The title existed from 1894 through 1905.

The final champion Georg Hackenschmidt defeated American Heavyweight Champion, Tom Jenkins, on May 5, 1905 in New York City, New York to unify both titles and become the undisputed World Heavyweight Champion.

Title history

Wrestler: Times: Date Won: Location: Notes:
Tom Cannon 1 August 22, 1886 Melbourne, Australia Defeated William Miller also, defeats Tom McInerney to become the first champion.
Karl Abs 1 September 5, 1894 Hamburg, Germany
Ernest Roeber 1 September 26, 1894 Hamburg, Germany Awarded.
Beck Olsen 1 March 28, 1900 New York City, New York
Ernest Roeber 2 September 12, 1900 Copenhagen, Denmark
Title vacated - 1901 The title was vacated.
Tom Cannon 2 May 3, 1901 London, England Defeated Antonio Pierre for the vacant title.
Georg Hackenschmidt 1 September 4, 1902 Liverpool, England
Title retired May 5, 1905 New York City, New York Hackenschmidt defeats American Heavyweight Champion Tom Jenkins to unify the two titles and become the undisputed World Heavyweight Champion.

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