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Douglas Eric Embry (born 1959) is a retired American professional wrestler, best known for his appearances with the United States Wrestling Association and World Class Championship Wrestling as The Flamboyant Eric Embry. He is known for his brutal, bloody feuds with Skandor Akbar and his army and winning control of World Class from Akbar thus changing the name to USWA. He also wrestled before that in Southwest Championship Wrestling (later Texas All-Star Wrestling, then USA All-Star Wrestling) as one of the Fabulous Blondes along with Ken Timbs and later Dan Greer. Greer also replaced Timbs in the Fabulous Fargos team in World Organization of Wrestling in 1987.

Embry was also a booker for the Dallas Sportatorium promotion from 1988 until 1991. As a wrestler, he was managed by Percy Pringle (1989–90) and later Tojo Yamamoto (1991–92), when Embry turned heel. It was said that Embry actually lived inside the Sportatorium during his time as the booker.

In October 1992, Eric Embry's career came to an end due to a road accident in Kentucky, USA. Before that he had successfully wrestled for Five Star Wrestling out of Baton Rouge and rekindled his feud with Skandor Akbar and his army before the promotion went out of business.

As a heel wrestler, fans would often chant Erica! Erica! to draw heat. As a babyface, the fans would chant Eric! Eric!.

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