EC 2015 Neville v Dallas

Bo Dallas may have to answer for his underhanded sneak attacks against Neville when he takes on The Man That Gravity Forgot this Sunday at Elimination Chamber.

Neville’s chance at retribution, however, could depend on the condition of his leg, which Dallas targeted in his assaults.

The WWE Universe watched in disgust as Dallas declared Neville “the little engine that couldn’t” before going after Neville’s taped-up leg. The “Bo”-tivational Superstar struck again the following week, again homing in on Neville’s bad wheel moments after the high-flyer turned back the challenge of Stardust.

Though his saccharine-sweet veneer sometimes makes it easy to forget, Dallas’ actions have revealed the man to be cruel, if not sociopathic, and the threat he poses inside the ring should never be discounted.

Not that The New Sensation is one to take Dallas’ challenge lightly, given their history with each other. Not only are both Superstars former NXT Champions (and in Neville’s case, the longest-reigning NXT Champion), but it was Dallas whom The Man That Gravity Forgot defeated in a Ladder Match to win that coveted title on WWE Network’s first NXT live special in February 2014. The stinging defeat surely resonates with Dallas to this day.

How will this showdown between two of WWE’s brightest young lions play out at Elimination Chamber? Will Neville’s leg injury prove to be a hindrance, and to what degree could it ground the most innovative and exciting aerial offense in sports-entertainment? Was Dallas’ effort to humiliate and injure The New Sensation a strategic ploy that will pay off this Sunday, or was it a grave mistake that he will soon learn to regret?

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