Jorge Guzmán is a Mexican Luchador known worldwide as El Hijo del Santo (English: the Son of the Saint) and as the name indicates he is the legitimate son of Mexican legend El Santo. El Hijo del Santo is the only one of Santo’s eleven children to go into wrestling and is considered one of the best Luchadors of the last 20 years. He originally started wrestling as ”El Korak” because his father did not want him to turn pro before he got a college degree. When he graduated a few months later he made his debut as ”El Hijo del Santo” wearing the same sliver mask, tights and cape as his father.

Over the years El Hijo del Santo has wrestled all over the world and defeated an impressive number of wrestlers in Luchas de Apuestas matches with 62 recorded victories in matches where he’s put the legendary mask on the line.

El Hijo del Santo is currently working for Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre (CMLL) where he is a perpetual main eventer and as popular as ever. El Hijo del Santo’s name has been mentioned both in connection with both World Wrestling Entertainment and Total Nonstop Action Wrestling although at the moment it remains nothing more than rumours and speculations.

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