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ECW Hardcore Revolution was a professional wrestling video game released by Acclaim Entertainment, based on the professional wrestling promotion Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW). The game was released for the Nintendo 64, PlayStation and Sega Dreamcast. It was the first wrestling game to be based on ECW, as well as the first professional wrestling game to receive a Mature rating from the ESRB. The game was criticized for being too much like its predecessor, WWF Attitude and not reflecting ECW's unique style. Acclaim followed this title with the release of a sequel, ECW Anarchy Rulz.


Hardcore Revolution was poorly received, with a 42% rating of the Sega Dreamcast version on Game Rankings.


Regular Wrestlers

Regular Jobbers

Secret Wrestlers

Secret Jobbers

  • Excel
  • Goatman
  • Harry Slash (moveset based on Attitude's Sable set)
  • Mack Daddy (moveset based on Attitude's Droz set)
  • Nurse Ratchet (moveset based on Attitude's Al Snow set)
  • Santoro
  • Sound Guy Randy
  • The Trainer (based on game tester "Jello" Jeff Robinson)

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