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ECWA Mid Atlantic Championship is the secondary championship contested in the independent professional wrestling promotion, East Coast Wrestling Association.

Title history

Wrestler Reigns Date Place Notes
Boogie Woogie Brown 1 May 1, 1993 Wilmington, DE Title history unrecorded prior to May 1, 1993.
Title history unknown from May 1993 to December 1995.
Ronnie Roberts 1 December 3, 1995 Wilmington, DE Won a battle royal to win the vacant title.
Boogie Woogie Brown 2 January 1996
Title history unknown from January 1996 to February 1997.
Ace Darling 1 February 22, 1997 Defeated Cheetah Master to win the vacant title.
Reckless Youth 1 November 29, 1997 Defeated Lance Diamond and Ace Darling in a three way match to win the vacant title.
Inferno Kid 1 September 26, 1998 Newport, DE
Mr. Ooh La La 1 February 27, 1999 Newport, DE
Cheetah Master 1 July 30, 1999 Newport, DE
Lance Diamond 1 September 17, 1999 Wilmington, DE
Ty Street 1 October 15, 1999 Newport, DE Defeated Vince Goodnite to win the vacant title.
Glen Osbourne 1 2000
Mozart Fontaine 1 April 7, 2001 Wilmington, DE
Japanese Pool Boy 1 September 14, 2002 Wilmington, DE
Prince Nana 1 May 3, 2003 Wilmington, DE
Ace Darling 2 February 28, 2004 Wilmington, DE
Prince Nana 2 May 1, 2004 Wilmington, DE
Bonecrusher Fred Sampson 1 September 18, 2004
Nick Malakai 1 November 13, 2004
Chase Del Monte 1 February 12, 2005
Japanese Pool Boy 2 January 28, 2006 Newark, DE
Mike Tobin 1 March 4, 2006
Bryan Logan 1 October 7, 2006 Newark, DE
Title vacated on March 1, 2008.
J.J. Cruz 1 March 1, 2008 Newark, DE Defeated Ace Darling after both men won separate Mid-Atlantic Riot matches.
Ace Darling 3 April 5, 2008 Newark, DE
Glen Osbourne 2 May 10, 2008 Newark, DE
Ace Darling 4 July 26, 2008 Newark, DE Title awarded by owner Freak Nasty.
Chase Del Monte 2 July 26, 2008 Newark, DE Defeated Aden Chambers, Ace Darling and Robere' Shields in a four-way match.
Dan Eckos 1 September 27, 2008 Newark, DE Defeated Chase Del Monte, Billy Bax, Jason Leigh and JJ Cruz in a five-way match.
Sean Royal 1 November 22, 2008 Newark, DE
Rob Eckos 1 January 24, 2009 Newark, DE Dan Eckos and Rob Eckos defeated Billy Bax and Sean Royal in a tag team match with the title on the line. Rob pinned Royal to win the title.
Nick Logan 1 July 18, 2009 Newark, DE
Aden Chambers 1 March 20, 2010 Newark, DE
Nick Logan 2 July 10, 2010 Newark, DE Nick Logan won the ECWA Mid-Atlantic Title and Matt Logan & Bryan Logan won the ECWA Tag Team Title in a six-man over Aden Chambers, Tony Burma & Ryan Rush.
Vacant September 20, 2010 n/a Nick Logan vacates the ECWA Mid-Atlantic Title due to injury.
Chris Wylde 1 December 4, 2010 Newark, DE Wylde and Mozart Fontaine were the last two men in a Battle Royal for the title. Chris Wylde made Mozart tap out to win the title.


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