Dusto Bunny
Dusto Bunny
Type Unclean home result hero
Height One billion dust mites
Weight 64 tons (mostly fluff)
Attacks Bunny stomp, lucky foot kick, jack rabbit hammer punch
Allies Silver Potato, Los Plantanos, Atomic Cannon
Enemies No enemies, but susceptible to Swiffer™ mops.
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IQ: Einstein, but better at math


Schoolgirls make enormous screaming. Furious Fuzzy Terror. Many times ago, discovery by Kaiju agent eating stuffing under most hideous dingy sofa. Owing to loneliness, becoming great Kaiju sage for golden answer eggs. Confucious inspire. Knowing all questions and all answers, mind is strongly like kicks from hind legs. Origins in housecleaning absence granting fuzzy logic, habits of jack rabbit and mighty dust ball form to Dusto Bunny.


Ignorance is the night of the mind, a night without moon or star. * The nature of the universe being absurd, there's no surprise in finding that the most misunderstood beings are frequently geniuses. Kaiju Big Battel's Dusto Bunny is no exception. Don't let Dusto Bunny's repulsive looks fool you; he possesses a steadfast heart and the wisdom of a sage. Often dismissed because of his mangy, unkempt appearance, the dingy rabbit is actually a vision of brilliance, integrity, and serenity. In fact, no other monster within the ranks of Kaiju Big Battel bears such intellectual dignity.

Silence is the true friend that never betrays.* As a youngster, the anguished Dusto Bunny was a victim of superficiality. His non-traditional looks scared judgmental peers away: better-looking bunnies teased him, macho hares consistently chose him last during pickup games of lettuce ball, and all 108 of his brothers and sisters were embarrassed to be seen with him. Such vicious rejection left Dusto Bunny with no companions. As a result, he adopted a life of solitude and spent his formative years reading and writing. Dusto Bunny's biographers believe that several thousand manuscripts live under his couch, in the quiet and dark crawlspace where the reclusive bunny rabbit gets most of his work done.

There are only the wise of the highest class, and the stupid of the lowest class, who cannot be changed.* Like the ugly duckling that evolved into a beautiful swan, Dusto Bunny has found his niche in Kaiju Big Battel. His peers are monsters who, like himself, do not fit into the human world. The other monsters revere him for his deep thoughts and sharp insight into the nonsensical universe. But besides being the Kaiju's resident sage, Dusto is also Kaiju's resident guidance counselor. Every day, children of the world write him for advice. He claims that his answers come from the divinely inspired process of creation: after reading each letter, he deeply concentrates on the proposed question and then, after a brief meditative exercise, lays a golden egg of wisdom. This whole egg-laying ceremony is kind of like a psychic looking into a crystal ball for prophecies, except -- like everything Dusto Bunny does -- it's messier.

  • Confucian wisdom