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DOA Pro Wrestling has a steady roster of wrestlers, listed below. Many wrestlers from Elite Canadian Championship Wrestling make frequent and sporadic appearances in the company. They are not listed here.



Ring name Notes
Bubba Blanchard
CJ Edwards
Derek Drexl Inactive
Dr. Kliever
Draven Vargas
Eric Right
Ethan HD DOA Tag Team Champion
Exile Inactive
"Gentleman" George Michael
Jack Cunningham
Jeremy Blanchard
J_Sin Sullivan Inactive
Jonas Albert Robinson DOA Heavyweight Champion
Jorel Nelson
Justin Alexander
Karl Cunningham
Kate Carney Inactive
Kellen Raeth
Krystal Dye
Mary Jane Payne
Mike Santiago DOA Tag Team Champion
Nick Radford
Patrick Large
Ricky Gibson DOA Pure Wrestling Champion
Wade Hess Pacific Northwest Heavyweight Champion


Ring name Notes
G-Shock Ring announcer
The Instigator Inactive
Kevin Brandt On-air commissioner
Mister Ooh-La-La
The Natural Manager of The Cunninghams (Jack & Karl Cunningham) and Ricky Gibson
Rusty Diamond Manager of the Hi-5 (Pugsley, Draven Vargas, Patrick Large, Mary Jane Payne)


Ring name Notes
Bronco Young
Clint Heath
Dick Champagne
J.R. Robinson