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Event history

The following is a listing of events that Dominique Fabiano has participated in.


March 2015: 12th-Rhino's Charity Show managed Dyson Dux. 14th- Main Event Pro against Chelsea Marie and Shayla Hyde (Wisconsin) Chelsea won with a DDT. 21st- UCW Ingrid Isley won with a spear when I turned around after hitting the referee. 28th- TWA Dominique won with a schoolboy when Chelsea Marie was distracted by McMahon's Music.

February 2015 5th- IWA Mid South against Owen Travers. Owen won with a super kick.
7th- ARW (Indiana)
21st- UCW against Ingrid Isley. Ingrid won by DQ when I hit her with her Woman's Championship Belt.
28th- Anarchy Pro against Selene Gray. Dominique won with a schoolboy while Selene was distracted by Owen Travers.

January 2015 10th-Apex Pro Wrestling Arella Angel Vs. Myself with James Alexander on my team. Arella won by DQ.
10th- Apex Pro Wrestling Main Event Inter Gender Tag Team Match with The Heavyweight Title on the line. Arella Angel & Malice Vs. Dominique Fabiano & James Alexander. Arella won by a Neck Breaker.
31st-UPW Pro Wrestling against Randi West. Randi won.

December 2014 5th- Pure Pro Wrestling against Arella Angel but  was interrupted by Blue Steel and joined forces with Arella against them but Blue Steel came out on top
6th-NWA-SEW Amanda De La Cruz Vs. Shayla Hyde Vs. Kaela. Interrupted match threw Kaela off of Amanda De La Cruz but was then suplexed by Shayla Hyde
14th-XICW Xtreme Intense Championship Wrestling against Ingrid Isley she won by tap out
27th-MWA championship match against Chelsea Marie for the first ever MWA women's title. Chelsea won the MWA women's title  by  DDT

November 2014 6th-Skull Ganz Benefit Show against Paul Bowser. Dominique won with a crucifix pin (First Match)
22nd-Take down Wrestling Alliance with Gynesis for the Survivor series match. Eliminated Chelsea Marie but was then eliminated by Cobra with an RKO

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