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Also called a guillotine leg drop, this diving attack sees a wrestler jump forward from a raised platform (i.e. top turnbuckle, the ring apron, etc.) landing the bottom side of his/her leg across an opponent (usually on the throat or face).

Diving leg drop bulldog

This is a diving version of the leg drop bulldog, that sees the wrestler springboarding off one of the ropes or jumping from the top turnbuckle and dropping their leg across the back of the head of an opponent who is leaning forward.

Moonsault leg drop

This variation sees the wrestler perform a top turnbuckle moonsault but instead of landing on the opponent in a splash position the wrestler would continue the rotation to drive his leg across an opponent who is lying on the ground.

Somersault leg drop

The wrestler, standing on an elevated position, jumps, flips forward and lands his leg on the opponent lying beneath him.

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