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Derrick & Percy is a working name for the team of former NXT competitors Derrick Bateman and Percy Watson. Percy lost the 2nd season to Kaval and Derrick lost the fourth season to Johnny Curtis. They decided to have another go at winning in NXT Redemption, where they met.


In their first seasons, Percy was mentored by MVP and Derrick was mentored by Daniel Bryan, the first season winner.

During redemption, Derrick was initially involved in a relationship with Maxine (see BateMax) and Percy was involved in a friendship with Titus O'Neil (see Percy & Titus).

Both their relationships would break up, as Maxine would leave to join Johnny Curtis (Curti-Max) and Titus would leave to join an ex-enemy in The Prime Time Players.

With the PTP having gone on to greater things, the two faces remained on NXT to tag with various heel teams.


On May 30, the pair teamed with Justin Gabriel to defeat Aggressively Weird who had teamed with JTG.

On June 13, they were defeated by MCM.