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Dean Harry Anthony Hart (January 3, 1954 - November 21, 1990) was a Canadian professional wrestler, referee and member of the Hart family who wrestled in Canadian regional promotions during the 1970s and 1980s, most notably in the Calgary-based Stampede Wrestling.


Born to Stu and Helen Hart, Dean Hart began wrestling in his father's Stampede Wrestling promotion along with younger brothers Bret and Owen Hart during the 1970s and 80s and was later associated with Peter Maivia's Hawaii promotion.

Diagnosed with Bright's disease during the late 1980s, he eventually died of kidney disease on November 21, 1990. His death was the day before the WWF Survivor Series that year, and commentator Rowdy Roddy Piper stated that Bret dedicated his match to Dean.

The first of the Hart family to suffer an early death, his sister Diana Hart stated in her book that had any members of the Hart family been tested as a compatible donor, a kidney transplant might have saved his life, however this option was never discussed by the family.

Further reading

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