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Dante Draconis was born from the lowest circle of hell. This demon was molded out of everything wrong with this world. Hate! Wrath! Sin! Chaos ran amuck once his prophecy was to be fulfilled. He must go to the slums of the earth and show them what they created. Upon his arrival he stumbled into a school called House of Glory Wrestling School headed by trainers like Amazing Red and Brian XL. He saw the irony in being trained by these men of faith and now vowed to take what he learned and destroy everyone in his path. Be Warned! He's out of the cage, loose, and ready to feed his appetite for destruction.

In wrestling

  • Finishing and signature moves

Finishing Moves

• Hell Awaits (lifting spinning spinebuster)

• Dies Irae (pump handle backdrop release)

• Cataclysmic Eclipse (swinging side slam)

• The River Runs Red (vertical suplex side slam)

Signature Moves

•Running Splash



•Iron Claw Chokeslam

•Half Nelson Suplex

•Diving Shoulder Block

•Falling Powerslam

•Big Boot


  • Teams and stables

•House of Gangone- (2013 in EPWE, SWA) Anthony Gangone, Smiley, Dante Draconis

•Primer Inc- (2014 in IWE) Joseph Primer, Crash Landing, Dante Draconis

•Dii Consentes- (2014 in HOG) Dante Draconis, Bonez, Romeo Romano, Panda Beast

•Revelation- (2015 in DPW) Joseph Alexander, Dante Draconis, Jack Krueger, Sethoran

  • Managers

•Romeo Romano

•Joseph Primer

•Vinny the Voice

  • Entrance Music

•Hello Zepp (Dubstep Remix) by Charlie Clouser (2013-2015)

•Smasher/Devourer by Fear Factory (2015-)

  • Nicknames

•The Juggernaut

Championships and accomplishments

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