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The Dangerous Women of Wrestling is one part wrestling, one part Jerry Springer, and one part Girls Gone Wild making it the most craziest, sexiest, and most outrageous over 21 wrestling show you –or anyone else has ever seen or witnessed. At a Dangerous Women of Wrestling show there are NO LIMITS for the world’s sexiest wrestlers and cast. This live show is an explosive mix of wrestling, catfights, hardcore matches, tag team matches, rumble matches, steel cage brawls, sexy referee dances, wet T-shirt contests, midgets, hot girls, not-so-hot girls, t&a, dancing, comedy and pure dysfunctional entertainment. BUT WAIT –is that too much for your venue too handle? The Dangerous Women of Wrestling can custom make their show tailor made for what you want and desire in our show for your clientele.

The Dangerous Women of Wrestling is an entertaining upstart, featuring a female cast that are young, sexy, and anti-establishment starring in a one-of-a-kind politically incorrect wrestling show that is NOT your grandfather’s wrestling show! Unlike any other wrestling show ever, these Dangerous Women defy the rules of wrestling conduct. Most commonly seen at our wrestling events are beautiful scantily clad women wrestling, g-strings, tables, stripping referees, blood, ladders, chairs, midgets, sexy dancing, oil wrestling, and disgruntled staff members. This is where anything and everything goes

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