Dai Hachi Hachi
Dai Hachi Hachi
Type Wicked flying Mystery
Height 88 stripes
Weight Always flapping wings and never landed on scale
Enemies Nosy Nellies,who don't mind their own beeswax
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He has wings,so He's a spacebug right? Well at first people considered him a Rouge,but that theory was broken when Call-Me-Kevin tried to befriend with Hachi,only to be left with 6 black eyes!So people thought he was a creation of Dr.Cube,but that was broken when Cube said he would never create such an ugly bugger,So with humans killed,and him not fitting in well with The Rouges and Dr.Cube's posse,he was considered a spacebug.Of course If it walks like a duck,and talks like a duck,it's probably a duck.Unless of course it's an evil spy sent to steal duck secrets.Then it's probably not really a duck.