D.W. Cycloptopuss III
D.W. Cycloptopuss III
Type Deep-sea Rogue, clam scented-type
Height 20,000 leagues under the sea
Weight 200 clamshells, wet
Attacks Seaweed squish, the tentacle trap, eight-arm leg lock, drunken noodle slap
Allies Unibouzu, Call-Me-Kevin
Enemies All humans
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Deep ocean monster coming to surface world for self-gain and beach fun time. Malodorous monster standing big with little moral heart. Will smashed fishing village and city night club for wanting easy street lifestyle. Loner monster friends with few and enemies of many. Danger beware when heard heavy clam scented footsteps approaching.

Deep Trouble

Sent to the surface world by his father, the King of the Deep, D. W. Cycloptopuss III supposedly relocated to the U.S. to receive a top-tier education. But really, Cycloptopuss was sent to America as a spy for the sea monsters. After centuries of being tortured with jagged hooks, abducted by greedy fisherman, and poisoned with deadly pollution, the aquatic animals have grown to hate humans. And since the States seem to harvest the most obnoxious ones, oceanic beasts detest Americans more than any other kind.

Hence, the young Cycloptopuss came to Boston with a mission: study humanity; inspect its habits, idiosyncrasies, and vulnerabilities; and then devise a scheme for sea creatures to reclaim control of the earth by exploiting these weaknesses. Sharks, as you may've noticed, have been working towards this goal for eons.

The King of the Deep's plan was scheduled to hatch early in the twenty-first century. But soon after his son docked in the Northeast, Cycloptopuss became gleefully distracted by land life. He limited his human studies to anatomy, slept his way through class, and partied all night. After not hearing from his son for months, his father sensed the ground mission was failing and asked his spawn to help cover his on-land expenses. So the salty polypod got involved with Kaiju Big Battel on a part-time basis, simply to generate petty cash and to placate his dad. And that's why Cycloptopuss doesn't Battel very often: only when his Dad's monthly allowance of buried treasure and gold bullion runs out does Cycloptopuss pretend to care about the fight between good and evil.

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