Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder (formerly known as the Major Brothers or The Edgeheads) are an American professional wrestling tag team that were signed to World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) wrestling on its SmackDown brand.


The team consists of Curt Hawkins (the former Brian Major), real name Brian Myers (born 1985 in Glen Cove, New York) and Zack Ryder (the former Brett Major), real name Matthew Cardona (born May 14, 1985 in Merrick, New York). They were both trained by Mikey Whipwreck.

Major Brothers (2007)

From May 1 to December 16, 2007 the team was known as the Major Brothers.

They were at one point held the OVW Southern Tag Team Championship until losing it June 29, 2007 to the James Boys.

Edgeheads (2007-2008)

They were repackaged and renamed to Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder as fans and associates of Edge on December 21, 2007, on an episode of Friday Night SmackDown. They main-evented Wrestlemania with Edge battling the Undertaker. They later were part of La Familia.

Major Broskis (2011)

With the Draft, WWE Draft, Curt Hawkins was drafted from Smackdown to Raw, joining his former partner Zack Ryder, a rising internet sensation. Curt Hawkins then rescued Zack Ryder in a match on Superstars. May 12 Curt was in Zack's corner helping him defeat Vladimir Kozlov. Then on May 19 they tagged but lost against Santino & Vladimir.

At some point they were named The Major Broskis.

Disbanded (2009)

Hawkins and Ryder had a brief reunion in 2011, when Hawkins helped Ryder defeat Vladmir Kozlov on the May 12 episode of WWE Superstars. On the May 19 episode of WWE Superstars. Hawkins teamed with Ryder in a losing effort against Kozlov and Santino Marella, but the tag team didn't reform beyond this. Subsequently, Hawkins was released from the WWE along with 10 wrestlers in June 2014.

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