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Creepy Cruise is the third episode of Season 2 of Brooke Knows Best. It is the 13th overall episode.


Ashley and Brooke are paid to party on a yacht by a sleazy Italian millionaire but decide to get off when things get creepy. They end up in the Bahamas, trying to find a way back to Miami.



List of Brooke Knows Best episodes
Season One
Movin' InBest Roommate EverHouse PartySpring Break SmackdownBrooke's Extreme BoyfriendThe Guest From HellBrooke's First PromTattoo MeStrip To Be FitThe Old College Try
Season Two
State of the HogansI Kissed a GirlCreepy CruiseMy Mother's With AnotherBrooke's New BeauHogans in SpaceHometown HeroLost and FoundBrooke Goes GreenHulk's Surgery

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