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Craw is a character in Kaiju Big Battel. Dr. Cube, the world's premier creator of city-crushing monsters and zombie Minions has unleashed his newest creation, Super Minion Extreme (SMX). With thrice the power, thrice the loyalty, and thrice the intelligence, the SMXs take evil to the extreme, with just half the carbs of a normal Minion. For instance, if a Super Minion would rip a Hero's arm off, a SMX would rip the arm off, pull out the bones, and poke out the Hero's left eye with the ulna, and his right eye with the radius. If a Super Minion would beat Pedro Plantain senseless, a SMX would cut him to shreds, fry up the pieces, and serve them to an unsuspecting Hero, with a taste for fried food. If an SMX had thrown Silver Potato over the Danger Cage, instead of a regular Super Minion, there would have been a bed of ten story steel spikes covered with lemon juice in the cityscape below.

The first SMX to roll off the line is SMX 001, codenamed Craw. Created with Dr. Cube's patented "Extreme Mutation" technology, Craw has the power and brutality of a silverback gorilla. Grafted to Craw's body are an iron jaw and claw forged from the strongest, most evil alloys on the planet. The final piece in Craw's puzzle of pain is the DNA of microscopic plankton, that Cube has cunningly inserted into each follicle of Craw's hair. The process, as well as giving the Craw's fur a green tint, allows him to continually convert ambient light into an extra burst of energy that gives him an advantage over any opponent.

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