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Crank It Up is one of the theme songs of The Big Show.

Theme Lyrics

Well its the Big Show!
It's a big bad show tonight. (oh baby, come on. oh yeah)
Yeah, its the Big Show.
Crank it up, turn on them lights! (turn them on)

Get ready for something.
That you've never known.
You wont see it coming.
But I promise you'll know...

It's the Big Show.
Come to set everything right. (oh, set them right)
Yeah its the Big Show.
He's gonna burn this house tonight. (oh burn it down)

Your time is over.
Your times come around.
Hold your head above me.
Then I'll plant you in the ground! (yeah)

Oh Mr. Big Show.
Gonna burn it down.
Oh yeah.
Listen now.

Well its the Big Show!
It's a big bad show tonight. (Oh it's tonight baby)
Oh yeah it's the Big Show!
Whoa crank it up turn on them lights! (oh, oh)

Well get ready for something.
That you'll never know.
Too Late for running,
It's time for the show.

Gonna get even for them lies that you told.
Time to meet your maker, cause it's hauling you home.
To the Big Show.

Ohhhhh yeah!
'til the Big Show.
Oh yeah
Burn it down!
Oh, Oh, Oh yeah.

Ohh its coming.
Turn up them lights.
Turn up them lights!

Big Show entrance themes
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