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No. Title Original air date Notes
1 Colorful Characters Intro July 1, 2016 Go beyond the ring and learn the true story of the most colorful characters. Relive memorable Vignettes in this unique collection!
2 Fuji Vice May 12, 1986 In a hilarious parody of one of television's classic crime dramas, Mr. Fuji and Don Muraco go undercover to stop a notorious drug lord.
3 The Million Dollar Championship February 5, 1989 The Million Dollar Man always gets his way, as Ted Dibiase buys the services of a top jeweler to customize his very own championship belt.
4 Buddy Rose: Blow Away Diet October 30, 1990 Buddy Rose serves as the perfect poster boy for a new diet system that promises to literally blow away the pounds.
5 The Desperados' Search June 22, 1991 Go on a trip to the old west and join The Desperados in their search to discover the whereabouts of 'The Lariat' Stan Hansen.
6 Freebird Enterprises May 23, 1992 Take a tour of Freebird Enterprises as Eric Bischoff pays the fabulous duo of Jimmy Garvin and Michael Hayes a visit at their headquarters.
7 A Casket For Yokozuna December 20, 1993 In preparation for their Casket Match, The Undertaker constructs an extra large coffin to contain the remains of Yokozuna.
8 The Search For Undertaker July 25, 1994 To solve the mystery of The Undertaker, Leslie Nielsen embarks on a series of exploits in search of The Deadman's whereabouts.
9 King Kong Bundy Returns September 25, 1994 Brace for colossal destruction as the WWE Universe awaits the return of King Kong Bundy.
10 IRS Tax Tips November 5, 1994 Irwin R. Schyster teaches the WWE Universe that cheating on your tax returns can be a grave offense.
11 Backlund For President May 29, 1995 n an ill-fated campaign for the presidency of the United States, Bob Backlund delivers a stern message to his constituency.
12 Waylon Mercy July 8, 1995 Waylon Mercy's claims of being a peaceful man are shadowed by this disturbing display of his darker side.
13 Introducing Goldust August 14, 1995 The streets of Tinseltown are lined with gold in this introduction to one of WWE's most bizarre entities known simply as Goldust.
14 Billionaire Ted January 22, 1996 Relive the hilarious exploits of Billionaire Ted and his team of WWE defectors as they try to compete with The New Generation.
15 For The Sake Of Mankind January 29, 1996 The pain and horror of Mrs. Foley's Baby Boy is exemplified in this look at the deranged and deformed Mankind.
16 NWO: The Hostile Takeover July 27, 1996 WCW is forced to see things in black and white as Hollywood Hogan and his Outsiders begin the New World Order's hostile takeover.
17 Glacier: Blood Runs Cold August 19, 1996 The landscape of WCW prepares for the ultimate blizzard as the winds of winter promise to bring about Glacier.
18 You Think You Know Me May 4, 1998 Journey deep into the alleys of decay in this look at a man the WWE Universe will never truly know, Edge.
19 A Real Man's Man September 28, 1998 The WWE Universe receives a rare look into the true picture of rugged masculinity in the form of Steven Regal.
20 Training With Mr. McMahon January 2, 1999 Fueled by his contempt for Stone Cold Steve Austin, Mr. McMahon trains vigorously for their encounter in the 1999 Royal Rumble Match.
21 CEO 3:16 June 14, 1999 Mr. McMahon's worst nightmare comes true when Stone Cold Steve Austin assumes his new role as CEO of WWE and raises hell at Titan Tower.
22 Seven October 11, 1999 As darkness falls on WCW, the world receives a glimpse at the sinister entity known only as Seven.
23 Lie, Cheat, And Steal September 28, 2004 The morally questionable antics of Los Guerreros are on display in this look at Eddie and Chavo's abilities to 'Lie, Cheat, and Steal'.
24 The Wyatt Family October 14, 2014 The dark and twisted world of The Wyatt Family is coming. Is the WWE Universe ready for something really scary?
25 Enzo And Cass September 4, 2014 Take a look at the flamboyant lifestyle of Enzo and Cass, alongside the self-proclaimed Princess of Staten Island, Carmella.
26 The Vaudevillains November 27, 2014 Harken back to a simpler time with The Vaudevillains, as Aiden English and Simon Gotch give the WWE Universe a taste of The Golden Age.
27 Unforgettable Vignettes November 17, 2015 Listing the most Unforgettable Superstar Vignettes in WWE History!

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