Club Sandwich
Club Sandwich
Type Deli-style wields club
Height Lucky 88 Loafs
Weight 3 heart attacks
Attacks Wilted Lettuce Technique, Deli Flop, Cold Cut
Enemies Kung-fu Chicken Noodle
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Club Sandwich was one of the monsters in Kaiju Big Battel.


Nutrition Facts: Serving Size: 3,000 individuals, Calories: Billions and Billions, Total Fat: inestimable, Sodium: 1,990 tons, Protein: 11,000 tons. Ingredients: skin of two mattress softness, wit of rye, brain of turkey. One day, unsuspecting customer at Unhygenic Deli ate sandwich from scary tabletop. Now when danger can happen, is holds deli roll skywards for transform to heroic club sandwich.


Killed in a fight involving Kung-Fu Chicken Noodle and his Cleaver, the butcher knife.

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