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Christian Kash (born Shaun Bradford) (July 27, 1983) brother of Knock Nitti (David Bradford) Mic Midi (Michael Smith JR) and Kimberly Hawker-Baker (Half Sister) and son to Michael Smith Sr and Lisa Bradford.


Christian Kash was born in Dorchester MA of July 27 of 1983 where he grew up in the ghetto of boston (Dorchester and South Boston) Kash grew up as any young child and for the love of wrestling where he idolized wrestlers such as Bret Hart, Macho Man Randy Savage, The Undertaker, Tatanka, Sting, and so forth. Kash father michael was a huge wrestling fan and one day wanted his eldest son to become a pro wrestler such as his sons dream. after Kash turned 16 years of age he lost his father due to a heart problem and vowed to this father that he will make his father proud of him. When Kash Graduated from his High School LPS (Learning Prep School) he started hanging out with old friends from his childhood who soon brought Kash into the business where he was trained by MA wrestlers Reaper, Eric Unstoppable, and Danny Deathwish. Soon after Kash's extremely hard training he first went Under the name Justin Sane while working for Americn Championship Wrestling-Boston he was let go from the company. soon after he was let go from ACW he soon became a rookie and soon changed his name to Khaos. Khaos soon moved his way threw what ever kind of wrestling show he could go and wrestle at years when by for him and then he got his big break with New Alternative wrestling where he became Christian Kash durning his Debut with the Company he won and became the first NAW alternative Champion he than soon lost the belt to tom the bomb in a triple threat mach. Kash was fired from the company for no reason and soon started to go threw companies that would use his talent. He is a hugry up in coming Boston Hero to many children all ove MA and vows to become even better than Ma very own John Cena. Kash has no kids single and is a nice guy in real life his finisher is Skull Crushing Finale, his theme music is Narcissistic Cannibal Fom the band Korn his submission is the Anaconda vice and his quote is that's how I do.

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