Christopher Adams (February 10, 1955October 7, 2001) was a British professional wrestler, judoka, trainer and promoter who was best known for his work in Dallas-based World Class Championship Wrestling. Born in Rugby, Warwickshire; Adams was billed from nearby Stratford upon Avon, and in a few matches, was billed from London. He was the brother of legendary Judo star Neil Adams.

Wrestling career

Adams began his career in June 1978 with little training thanks to his judo background. Originally known as "Judo" Chris Adams, he wrestled against many legendary British stars in his native country, including Mark Rocco, Fit Finlay and Steve McManus. In his initial three years in the sport, Adams won the light heavyweight title and the British Commonwealth tag team title alongside partner Marty Jones.

In 1981, Chris Adams embarked on his first tour of the United States, competing in Los Angeles for Mike & Gene Lebell's promotion; capturing the prestigious Americas title and the tag team title twice - once with Reno Rigsby and again with Tom Prichard. He would eventually return to England to compete a few more times before going on several world tours and gaining worldwide fame within the following two years.

Adams moved on to Portland after the Los Angeles promotion ceased operations in 1982, and was engaged in bitter feuds with Rip Oliver, Buddy Rose and David Schultz. By 1983, he was contacted by Jack Adkisson, aka Fritz Von Erich, to compete for World Class Championship Wrestling, a move which would change the course of his career.

Upon entering World Class, Adams became a close ally of the Von Erich family, and engaged in matches initially with The Mongol and eventually with Jimmy Garvin. He also competed several times under a mask as "The Masked Avenger", and during one match, he unmasked himself after beating Jimmy Garvin. Soom thereafter, Adams defeated Garvin for the American heavyweight championship in November 1983.

In September 1984, Adams joined forces with manager Gary Hart, and less than a month later, turned heel following a tag team match on partner Kevin Von Erich; which paved the way for a series of legendary matches between Adams and the Von Erichs, which drew record crowds and high revenue, even moreso upon forming a partnership with Gino Hernandez.

Adams' heel run ended in late-1985 when Hernandez turned on Adams, which would pave the way for a series of matches between the two former partners, however Hernandez died in February 1986, shortly after Gino "blinded" Adams with Freebird Hair Cream during a match in Fort Worth. After taking four months off, Adams returned and won the World Class heavyweight title from Rick Rude on July 4, 1986; but his reign would be cut short when he left WCCW for the UWF.

Forming an tag team with Terry Taylor, he and Adams won the UWF World Tag Team Championship with a win over Sting and RIck Steiner on February 12, 1987. The duo would lose the belts to Sting and Steiner two months later, and a bitter feud between Adams and Taylor ensued. A secondary feud between Adams and Iceman King Parsons was also born; which lasted on and off for more than a decade.

Returning to World Class in late 1987, Adams was involved in a renewed feud between the Von Erichs and the Freebirds, and continued his battles with Taylor and Parsons. Leaving for a few months in June 1988, Adams would return late in the year as a wrestler and a promoter, opening up a new wrestling school.

The school, which was held at the Sportatorium in Dallas, produced several well-known wrestlers, including Stone Cold Steve Austin.

In 1990, Adams was involved in a much-publicized feud pitting Austin and Adams' former first wife Jeanie Clarke against himself and his second wife, Toni Adams. The feud was the last major storyline used in World Class (then known for a time as the USWA) before the promotion ceased operations. Joining the Global Wrestling Federation in 1992, Adams won the GWF North American title twice in 1993 and 1994 before competing in other organizations, including the AWF, Texas All-Pro, Big D Pro Wrestling and the CWA.

Chris Adams' final round of glory occurred when he joined WCW in late 1997. However, he was placed in the mid-card status and used as a jobber in major events, which did not sit well with him. Adams did have a brief heel run when he teamed with Lord Steven (now William) Regal and Dave Taylor. He left WCW in 1999 and returned to compete in Texas, where he would eventually retire.

On October 7, 2001, Adams was shot to death during a fight with a former roommate in Waxahachie, TX.

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