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Event history

The following is a listing of events that Chairman Ramu has participated in.


Date Event Match Match type Title
Mar 21Uwai Station eventKaicho Ramu & Onryo defeat Chon Shiryu & KikutaroTag Team Match
Aug 19Ice Ribbon Aisuriho eventChairman Ramu & Onryo defeat Makoto & Ryu ChokumoTag Team Match
Sep 8Ice Ribbon Future Star Vol. 2Chairman Ramu, Onryo, Shinobu & Yuko Miyamoto defeated Masa Takanashi, Mr. Gannosuke, Riho & Ryu ChokumoEight Man Tag Team Elimination Match


Date Event Match Match type Title
Aug 19Ice Ribbon New Aisuriho eventChairman Ramu & Yuko Miyamoto defeat Riho & Yuki SatoTag Team Match

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