The Vulgarians also referred to as the Celtic Vipers are a tag team that debuted recently this month. They are rivals of The Shield and Team Rhodes Scholars. Both members are former WWE champions and former World Heavyweight Champions.



Randy and Sheamus have in the past competed for the WWE championship. They were one of the final men in the 2013 Royal Rumble. On March 4 they both lost a Fatal 4way which CM Punk won, to determine who would get to face Undertaker for the streak at Wrestlemania.

The pair are some of the stars who have had run-ins with The Shield. Sheamus was part of Sword which faced them at Elimination Chamber 2013. Initially courting Ryback to join them, they appear to be getting assistance from Big Show instead, who had also been in the 4way.

On February 25 the pair ambushed the Shield, with Sheamus providing a distraction allowing Randy to RKO Seth Rollins.

On March 1, after Big Show sucker-punched Randy, Sheamus counter-attacked Show with a Brogue Kick.

On March 8, after Big Show sucker-punched Sheamus, Orton counter-attacked Show with an RKO.

2-person matches

Additional member

Soon Big Show joined up with the pair, causing some to call the trio the Celtic Viper Show. Set to battle Shield at Wrestlemania, they were first victorious over some other three-man teams:

In wrestling

  • Randy's finishing moves
    • RKO (Jumping cutter) – 2003–present
  • Sheamus' finishing moves
    • Brogue Kick (Bicycle kick) – 2009–present
  • Nicknames
    • "The Viper and The Celtic Warrior" (Mar 11)
    • "The Apex Predator and The Celtic Warrior" (Mar 18)
    • "the former World Champions"
    • "Vulgarians"
    • "Celtic Vipers"

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