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The Casket match is a match type used in WWE and TNA, introduced by The Undertaker. The object of the match is to completely conceal an opponent inside a casket.

World Wrestling Entertainment

No. Match Event, date and location
I The Undertaker defeated Kamala (5:27)Survivor Series 1992
November 25, 1992, Richfield, Ohio
II Yokozuna defeated The Undertaker for the WWF Championship (14:20) Royal Rumble 1994
January 22, 1994, Providence, Rhode Island
III The Undertaker defeated Yokozuna with Chuck Norris as referee (15:24) Survivor Series 1994
November 23, 1994, San Antonio, Texas
IV The Undertaker defeated Kama In Your House 2
July 23, 1995
V The Undertaker defeated Kama SummerSlam 1995
August 27, 2015
VI The Undertaker defeated King Mabel (6:11) In Your House 5: Season's Beatings
December 17, 1995, Hershey, Pennsylvania
VII Goldust(c) defeated The Undertaker for the WWE Intercontinental Championship (12:36) In Your House 8: Beware of Dog
May 28, 1996, North Charleston, South Carolina
VIII Shawn Michaels defeated The Undertaker for the WWF Championship (22:23) Royal Rumble 1998
January 18, 1998, San Jose, California
IX The Undertaker vs Kane went to a no contest after both men destroyed the casket from the inside WWF Monday Night Raw
October 19, 1998, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
X The Undertaker defeated The Rock WWF Monday Night Raw
May 17, 1999,
XI Mideon & Viscera defeated Triple H WWF Smackdown!
September 21, 1999, Dallas, Texas
XII Kane defeated Triple H WWF Monday Night Raw October 28, 2002
XIII Randy Orton & Bob Orton, Jr. defeated The Undertaker (19:16)No Mercy 2005
October 9, 2005, Houston, Texas
XIV The Undertaker defeated Mark Henry (9:26)WrestleMania 22
April 2, 2006, Rosemont, Illinois
XV The Undertaker defeated Mark Henry WWF Monday Night Raw March 10, 2008
XVI The Undertaker defeated Chavo Guerrero (8:40)Smackdown
October 31, 2008,
XVII The Undertaker defeated The Big Show (12:45)Survivor Series 2008
November 23, 2008, Boston, Massachusetts
XVIII Daniel Bryan defeated Kane (22:13) Smackdown
January 29, 2015, Hartford, Connecticut

Total Non-stop Action Wrestling

I D-Lo Brown defeated Sonny Siaki NWA: TNA
July 19, 2003, Orlando, Florida
II Abyss defeated D'Angelo Dinero (11:40)

Final Resolution 2010
December 5, 2010, Orlando, Florida

III Mr. Anderson defeated Bully Ray

Impact Wrestling
February 13, 2014, Manchester, England



  • Dusty Rhodes and Ivan Koloff had a one off Coffin Match in the 1970s long before the introduction of the match in the WWE.
  • The Undertaker has been in the most casket matches with a record of 4-3.